Everyone has a story and experiences with racism in America.
When we hear those stories, we find we're not alone.

When we come together, we inspire hope,
and learn we have more in common than not.


August 16, 2017 CBS This Morning aired a powerful self narrative video 
in this extended interview: Telling A Story & Our "Moral Obligation."   

Click this link and watch:



In much shorter form, your turn is next...


Tuesday, August 22nd, from Noon to 3:30 pm, come to
Dwight Bentel Hall, room 141 on the San Jose State University campus

and tell part of your story on camera about racism
as a shared learning experience for our students, community and world.

Your personal comments for 3 to 5 minutes will be included in a shared multiplatform 
video production project called
​"We The People," and will include faculty, staff,
administrators, students, local business people, media professionals,
religious leaders and many others over time. 

Updates will be shared with the
campus community throughout this academic year.

If you can't come August 22nd, contact project coordinator
Prof. Bob Rucker in Dwight Bentel Hall, room 125
or leave a message for him in the Journalism School Office, DBH 105.



What better time in America than NOW to finally rise to this occasion
and address how racism hides in and under minds our society

Our personal experiences and voices are powerful.
Collectively we can now openly work to eradicate this hideous social
cancer that eats at America. 

Together we can teach this new generation how to use their voices and actions,
not just texts and tweets, to be a part of our nation's proud tradition
of courageous global leadership.

Our diversity at SJSU inspires others to see how including all cultures benefits,
and truly matters, in every aspect of American life.


The SJSU School of Journalism & Mass Communications invites 
YOU to join us, share candidly,
and help make a difference in our time!

This is media
education recognized for excellence across
the nation, and around the world! 


Our JMC School Motto: "Learn By Doing."

Check out: Jimmy Fallon's response on the Tonight Show


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