School of Journalism & Mass Communications
Ranked among TOP 50 programs in U.S.


San Jose State University's Journalism program was named as among the top 50
in the United States in 2012 by College Media Matters,
a leading student journalism publication sponsored by the Associated College Press. 


CMM's editor, Dan Reimold, said that schools on this list were ones in which 
"I would strongly consider enrolling if I woke up tomorrow back in high school." 
Accreditation by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism was
an important factor, as were innovation in the digital realm, quality campus
media and professional publishing opportunities. 


SJSU is one of only two California universities on the list,
along with the University of Southern California. 

The list is available at

Soon the JMC School at San Jose State University will offer a new,
multimedia journalism degree where all journalism students can learn the fundamentals
and skills in broadcast, newspaper, magazine and photojournalism while developing a specialty
in one of those areas. Leaders in media companies and communications related businesses
say this is the best way to make sure our graduates continue to meet the expectations
of the job market in the 21st Century.

Despite the current budget crisis and concerns at SJSU, the JMC School will continue
to admit talented students eager to showcase their abilities in new media and
social media advertising, journalism and public relations.


Our motto in this 21st Century multi-media educational program: "Learn By Doing!"

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