Innovating for the common good in Silicon Valley  
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SHiFT is no ordinary publication. Seeking to break the corporate mold, its goal,
as a catalyst for social change in the Silicon Valley,
 goes beyond merely reporting facts to spurring its readers to action.
The student media staff identify social problems and present solutions
already at work in our communities.

This unique magazine is published spring semester by magazine and convergence journalism students from San José State University.

These highly talented students are advised by industry veterans:
Richard Okumoto - publisher-magazine,
Thomas Ulrich - editor-in-chief and journalism professor,
Richard Sessions - publisher-web.

Company Overview:
SHiFT Magazine was founded by the Social Innovation Institute and
is made possible by grants through the SJSU Research Foundation.
It is now produced by students and faculty at San Jose State University's
School of Journalism and Mass Communications.
SHiFT is an energetic, innovative mix of in-depth editorials, topical interviews,
rich infographics and stunning photography focused on innovating
for the common good.

We want to inspire people to contribute time, energy and resources
to overcome the challenges that our communities face.

Expect to find themes that range from environmental stewardship to corporate philanthropy, from healthcare to education.

The vision for the magazine and the web is to break new ground –
to transform community journalism into a catalyst for a new Social Contract
in the neighborhoods the magazine serves.

SHiFT explores the two faces of social innovation –
those who need help and those who help in innovative ways.
The comprehensive articles and compelling photojournalism
help connect the paths of the actors to advance sustainable change.
And, with every topic covered, a path is laid out for members of the
community to act for the common good.

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