Tuesday, May 26, 2009
CA Supreme Court upholds Prop 8 vote. Gay Marriage outlawed in California.
                18,000 gay marriages performed in the state remain legal


Commentary by Prof. Bob Rucker  

What a disgusting day for civil rights in California.

What an embarrassing day to be a resident of this great state.

Today, I feel like I did growing up black in the segregated city of Chicago in the 1960s & 70s. Like back then, people talked a good game about all people being equal, then many went out and set in motion self-serving actions and arguments to justify keeping their personal comfort zone safe and in tact. When it came right down to it, you couldn't count on what "people of good conscience" said in public. You always had to watch what they actually did. Many were revealed to be true hypocrites.
As a lifelong, devout Catholic and gay man, I am once again angry that the Church Jesus Christ founded, and many others off-shoots  of Christianity like the Mormons, used their considerable resources to invade this state and set out to confuse and separate the people of God. It's mostly our fault, however. The consistent unwillingness of most intelligent Christians to read, understand and fully appreciate the times and the context of Bible stories (and the strict rules & regulations put in place, in ancient times, to bring order to community chaos) remains appalling.  It is truly unworthy of our loving Creator and His Son to think today's California's Supreme Court ruling was anything but unjust.

What next? Because Jesus said "slaves should be obedient to their masters"  a movement and a fund raising should begin nationwide to restore slavery for Blacks, Chinese, Latinos and other non-whites? How proud would the Catholics Knights of Columbus and other active church groups be proud of that action? Imagine how many of us feel about you today?
Sad but true, Christ's followers who supported Prop 8 have enabled this sort of shortsightedness in thinking to be perpetuated. They have inspired many, especially the young and non-believers never to trust organized religion in a society where a separation is suppose to be maintained. Never mind that Christ said "Render under to Caesar what is Caesar..." Jesus clearly understood that civil governments have authority on earth to make all kinds of laws, if they wish, to provide equal treatment and respect. We, His legacy in the world today, are far too all knowing and self-righteous to ever be 
more like Him in all matters.

Ken Starr, the infamous Clinton-hating lawyer, finally had got his day today, with the help of millions of California voters. Congratulations to all who joined with this man to disgrace the spirit and pride many here have in the trend-setting open-mindedness and "live-and-let live" spirit in the Golden State. On judgment day I think it fair to wonder if God will have some very special words for him and everyone who supported Prop 8. Yes, everyone who lifted a finger, offered even a penny or allowed their organizations to be the puppets of narrow-minded bigots now have clear stake in what Christ warned against, namely..."Whatever you do to the least of mine, you do onto me."

Sure, they think they can be forgiven this inhumane action, this intrusion on the happiness of some of God's beloved. They also think those gay people are doomed to be punished for their so-called "sinful actions." Good luck with all that. It doesn't pass the smell test.
Strangely enough we all now have one thing in common, and we better hope it makes THE difference for all of us. While Jesus was suffering an agonizing and humiliating death on the cross, He on true wisdom and the strength to stand up for each and every one of us when

He cried out..."Father forgive them. They know not what they do."

Prof. Bob Rucker 
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
San Jose State University

Fmr. CNN Correspondent

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