44 Years to the 44th President
Connecting Our Past with America’s Historic Future

School of Journalism & Mass Communications sends students to the Inauguration of the first African-American President through the historic landmarks of the Civil Rights South.

"Education on Wheels" Journey Across America


Inauguration Trip

CNN: Historic Student Journey

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"Education on Wheels"
Information Packet


School of Journalism
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January 10th through January 20th
Media should contact Prof. Rucker to arrange for
contacts with the students during the trip.

Dr. Michael Cheers  
Inauguration Trip Co-Organizer/Project Coordinator
SJSU Photojournalism
School of Journalism & Mass Communications


E-mail: mcheers@casa.sjsu.edu

Professor Bob Rucker
Inauguration Trip Co-Organizer/Promotions
SJSU Radio & TV Journalism Coordinator
E-mail: professorrucker@yahoo.com

Messages also taken WEEKDAYS
at the
SJSU Journalism School office,
408-924-3241 or 3242


Inauguration Trip:
How to donate to help the students

These educational web pages were produced by SJSU Journalism Professor Bob Rucker,
co-organizer of the SJSU "Education on Wheels" effort to send media students to the Inauguration. The goal of this educational project is to provide all students
 with a better appreciation of the thinking, efforts and struggles of the civil rights movement which helped pave the way for this special moment in American history.


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