Past Director, SJSU School of Journalism
and Mass Communications.
Former CNN Correspondent, Newsweek Broadcasting
and Group W Westinghouse Television Reporter.

"From humble roots and family struggles,
I can relate to and help students
from diverse communities have successful
global media careers."

For six years Equal Time was a Bay Area public affairs
PBS television program, produced by SJSU convergence journalism students and hosted by
JMC School Director Bob Rucker.

It provides an in-depth look and discussion
about timely issues, concerns and
trends in Northern California. 

See videos of past programs

2009: Advanced SJSU broadcast journalism class brainstorms with CNN Director of Operations from Atlanta, Victor Hernandez.


2010: CNN Anchor Kyra Phillips was invited by me and the Journalism School to deliver the keynote address at the Spring JMC Convocation. The graduate is Justin Allegri.


2007: Invited former ABC News White House
Correspondent Sam Donaldson
to be keynote speaker at the SJSU 
50th Anniversary & National Reunion
 of the Broadcast Journalism degree program.


1976: Bachelor of Science degree
in Political Science
from Northern Illinois University,
and a Master of Science
degree in Journalism in 1990
from the University of Illinois,

Founding member of the St. Julie Billiart Parish
Pastoral Council and Catholic LGBT Parish Ministry.

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Began my TV career as a student sports
anchor for the campus newscast at
Northern Illinois University in 1975.

Became a CNN San Francisco Bureau
Correspondent four years after college.

Began teaching at SJSU in 1990
and invited San Francisco sports
figures like former 49ers Jerry Rice
and Jamie Williams to guest lecture.

Keeping in touch with former students
including many Emmy Award winning
 TV reporters like Devin Fehely (left)
and Kiet Do (right), both working
for CBS in San Francisco, and

My former U of I journalism student
Drew Griffin, CNN
Investigative Correspondent

Georgetown University Professor
Dr. Michael Eric Dyson visits
SJSU in February, 2014.

From a kid growing up in a poor community
on the South Side Chicago to working for
two major media companies and directing
a nationally recognized journalism program,
I have lived by the following:

"Dream BIG and ACT as if it were
impossible to fail."


Celebrating the joys of a diverse life.

Teaching students to listen and learn
about values and interests common
among all cultures.

Prof. Bob uses the new JMC School
Cisco Telepresence system to connect
graduate classes with media experts
nationwide and globally.

Contact Prof Bob:

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